LED retrofit kits are an innovative solution. Designed to upgrade the lighting capabilities of existing fixtures by harnessing the efficiency of LED technology.

Many people have two main questions when switching to energy-efficient lighting:

Can they keep the existing fixtures, or will they need to replace all existing lighting with LED fixtures?
What type of lighting technology should they use?

In many cases, the most convenient option for a variety of use cases is LED light technology. So, is making your home lighting more energy efficient as simple as switching to LED retrofit kit? In some cases, the answer is yes. However, many fixtures require retrofitting LED modules or replacing them with new LED fixtures. Which one should you choose to transition to energy-efficient LED lighting? Let’s take a look at why LEDs are your best choice for energy efficiency upgrades.

Advantages of LED lights
LED technology is at the forefront of energy-efficient lighting. Switching to LED will bring a range of benefits to residential, commercial and industrial properties such as:

Reduce maintenance

LED lights last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. The extended service life reduces maintenance requirements for indoor and outdoor lights.

Improve energy efficiency

LED technology is very energy efficient and will significantly reduce the energy consumption of all installations. Switching from traditional lighting to LED lighting solutions can reduce energy consumption by 75% or more.

Environmental friendly

The materials used to make LED lighting are more environmentally friendly than those required for older lighting technologies such as fluorescent lamps.

Focused lighting

Unlike many other types of lighting, LEDs produce light in a specific direction, allowing the light to be focused where it is needed without the need for reflectors. This combination of benefits can deliver significant energy savings to businesses and help recoup the costs of switching to LED lighting in a short period of time.

lower heat production

Incandescent light bulbs consume most of their energy by producing heat. LED lighting generates very little heat, reducing energy consumption and lowering cooling costs.

LED retrofit kit
When choosing among the LED lighting options available, it is important to understand the differences between the available lighting solutions.

LED lighting options fall into two broad categories: retrofit LEDs and LED fixtures. Retrofit LEDs can utilize existing lighting fixtures, whether through a simple screw-on option or a retrofit kit that fits into an existing lighting fixture.

We use four key words to explain to you the advantages of the modification kit:

First: cost

Retrofitting with an LED retrofit kit is the cheapest way to upgrade your property’s lighting. For lights that need to be converted to LED technology, retrofitting is still very cost-effective and the savings from reduced energy consumption will quickly pay for itself. Additionally, there is a rebate program designed to help reduce LED replacement costs.

Second: easy to install

Retrofittable LED plug-and-play options offer the easiest way to switch to LED technology, as you can easily integrate plug-in LED options into existing lights.
(Small drawback: Retrofit lights are a little more complicated, as they need to be installed to make existing lights work with LED lighting components. However, they still offer relatively simple installation.)

Third: Choose

There are a variety of LED retrofit products that can be installed into existing lighting fixtures. This gives you the opportunity to purchase energy-efficient glow sticks so that you can choose from a variety of lights to get the color and wattage look you want.

Maximum lumen intensity is limited by available light.

Fourth: Maintenance

Retrofit LED lights have a very long lifespan and require very little maintenance.

Bbier Lighting’s best-selling LED retrofit kits:


1.MH/HPS/HID/MHL/CFL lamp retrofit

2.Screw Base Direct Install by bypass ballast

3.100% Die Casting Heat Sink

4.Universal Base E26/E27/E39/E40


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