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LED Wall Pack Lights

  • Solar LED Wall Pack Lights Solar lights are a great way to get lighting that uses free energy from the sun. Because no wiring is needed, they're easy to install. Super bright Solar Powered Outdoor Adjustable LED Wall Pack Motion Sensor and fixture for high-intensity LED outputs. Solar powered LED lighting systems need high-efficiency lamps and fixtures. The wall pack LED fixtures draw 30 watts for high level illumination. Solar LED Wall Pack Light produces a bright white light that is rated for over 100,000 hours of use onsite. Over 75% energy savings with 12 times more life than a standard 400 watt HID with this high-efficiency LED lamp is terrific at pumping out bright light.IP rating 65, 3600-3900 Luminous Flux. This 30 watt draw is as bright as a incandescent 200 watt bulb. Easy to install, this LED replacement lamp and fixture is a great choice for your solar battery charging system to power your led lighting system. Use a lighting controller to set the on/off pattern for your LED lighting system. Ideal for outdoor use in commercial and residential applications such as retail, education, multi-unit housing and storage. 5 Year Warranty. These LED Wall Pack lights are super bright and will light your space with surprising brightness.
  • Adjustable LED Wallpack Light Motion Sensor The Adjustable LED Wallpack Motion Sensor from Bbier Lighting is ideal for outdoor use in commercial and residential applications such as retail, education, multi-unit housing and storage. This Outdoor Integrated LED Wall Pack Light with Dusk to Dawn Photocell available in 40 Watt,60 Watt,80 Watt and 100 Watt,Luminous Flux from 4800lm to 12000lm,Wall or arm mount,For flexibility of use, this wall pack can be surface, recessed or arm mounted. Lighting & Ceiling Fans, Commercial Lighting, Wall Packs.
  • LED Wall Pack Lights C Series New designed for eighter full replacement or new construction,the C Serise LED wall pack lights are typically commercial light fixtures that are installed on the sides of buildings, parking garages, building walkways, and other places around commercial buildings.
  • DLC Led Wall Pack Outdoor Wall Packs
  • DLC Listed Wallpack Lighting Led Wall Luminaire
  • CREE Led Modules Led Wallpack Lighting
  • 30w Sensor Led Wall Pack Lighting
  • High Power LED Wall Pack with Photoelectric Sensor

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