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E40 LED Pizza High Bay Patent Infringement of the Statement (About Copy !!!!)
2017-03-03 10:38:00

Special Announcement About Copy!!!


Honorable Customer:

We have a special announcement about the copy products for you as below:

Bbier as a well-known differentiated LED lighting manufacturers, its development and design of products has always been the favor of customers, has a good reputation, recently, some bad manufacturers to deceive customers, theft of our product design and picture information Illegal trade activities, Bibier's reputation has been seriously infringed.

We hereby send this statement to tell the customer that this ethical business is not ethical, they seriously damaged my company's reputation. Serious violations of the interests of my company, and destroyed the industry Economic order, hope that the majority of customers can help us to curb this immoral behavior.We would like to thank you for your continued support for Bbier.

The following are some clearly useful information:

1) The patents of our E40 LED Pizza High Bay Light, LED Stubby Garden Light & LED Post Top Retrofit Light

2) We are the first manufacturer of E40 LED Pizza High Bay Light in 2013:

Please see we use:  https://archive.org/     to confirm we are the first seller in 2013

3) The copy person use our products information to Cheat customer

The original pictures of our is the link:   http://www.bbier.com/upload/file/images/20160728232633.jpg

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Please visit our products links for more:  


Most sincerely yours,

Sam Wei, CEO

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