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LED ceiling price a few questions
2012-12-13 11:07:43


The effect of energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting ceiling light for all to see, LED Ceiling Lantern 's too expensive, in the civilian market has not been a wide range of application, how to solve the problem of LED ceiling price, industry professionals a common goal, then love the range because the price down to consumers, consumers are no longer sensitive to the price of LED ceiling, LED ceiling lamp in the civilian city will get a lot of use. 
LED lighting companies technical advantages
LED lighting accessories, the vast majority of patents are in the hands of foreigners, we do not have to master core technologies LED application products manufacturing capacity in the world accounted for 50% share to 50%, but take away the profits mastered the core technology of foreigners. 
LED application products heat difficult
structural design the LED ceiling would account for about 20%, has been industrious the people will be priced very low, 20% of the cost is very reasonable, many SMEs biggest problem is I do not know innovation, design more reasonable. 
LED ceiling remained at 5% of cooling costs, the effective thermal design is relatively simple to grasp two directions: one LED chip and external heat sink pieces path as short as possible, and the shorter the better your thermal design; another heat resistance, is to have enough heat spread path must also have enough 'heat road part of the cost structure for cooling costs are not. 
LED drive power weak 
drive power LED ceiling light the weakest link in a serious lag LED ceiling price, quality needs to be improved. now design accounts for about 20% of the cost of lighting, some technical development power with the LED ceiling lamps difference in about 5-10% of the most reasonable.

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