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LED light source in the town
2012-12-08 11:49:52


LED lighting has gradually been decorated in the home, as LED technology updates, cost reduction, LED lighting in the home market share will be more and more widely. Increasing efforts to be accepted in the LED, its application is becoming more and more widely today's major domestic cities for road lighting, landscape lighting LED lighting gradually replace traditional lighting. This is an improvement of the lighting world, energy efficient environmentally friendly LED lighting dominate this world eventually.
Of Suzhou Lighting attention is particularly high in the 1950s, Suzhou City all incandescent replaced by a high-pressure mercury lamp, the ninth day of the 1970s to the late 1980s and replaced all the high-pressure sodium lamps . Today, the "king" of the lighting industry, LED appeared, in Suzhou, with the next-generation light source updates. 
Updated 80 LED street lamp lighting management at the 2010 Suzhou city. Shiquan street lights to the end of October this year, turned into a full LED lighting , currently 80% of all of the city of about 150,000 in the urban landscape lights replaced with LED light source. Suzhou tourism landscape urban LED road and landscape lighting applications, but also makes its night scene highlights a lot, because the LED has a special all-round and condenser rates to better reflect the effect of light and shadow. 
Now, Suzhou LED landscape and road lighting applications, its annual can save 55% of the electricity for a large city, which saves a lot of money spending. LED light sources dominate the lighting world the situation is irreversible.

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