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LED lighting popularization need to five years?
2012-12-17 09:22:49

LED lighting products market is limited in the lamps can not be generic, Bulb brightness LED light shape is different from the traditional lighting products and LED lighting products unit price is too high and other issues, leading to 2011 years ago, global output growth is slow, only about 87 billion dollars (including the LED light source, LED lamps and related components).

Rio Research Institute researcher Chen Hua estimates that 2011 global LED manufacturers began to actively research and development of a new type of light source lamps and efforts to establish a new type of light source standards, the global LED lighting output value is expected to grow to $ 11 billion in 2012, increased to 19.2 billion in 2015 dollars, middle-aged compound annual growth rate of nearly 20%.

Rio Analysis, consumer electronic products by the impact of the economy is in a downturn, coupled with new display technologies such as AMOLED substitution effect gradually expanded, makes the LED backlight market growth depends on consumer electronic products facing bottlenecks. Contrast, LED lighting, even slow growth, but the market prospects for established, five years is expected to ignite a new beacon LED industry struggling.

Into the home market speeds, such as snail-paced 2011 LED has been dubbed the "four miserable industry", but Governments ban incandescent policy in 2012 began to ferment, more than 2/3 regions worldwide ban incandescent or high watt number of incandescent lighting. Billiton? Believe, after incandescent period has come, LED has highlighted the importance of lighting applications, and over the next four years for the LED the layout lighting market last critical period.

Application market part will be a priority in the outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, car lighting in second place, and finally penetrate into the home market. LED lighting manufacturers in Taiwan since June 2011, a substantial investment in advertising and marketing budget, direct to educate consumers, improve product awareness indirectly ascribed to the amount of the market growth rate of 35% per month to 50%.

The proportion of portfolio lighting output value accounted for the Taiwan factory epitaxy and packaging plants, from less than 10% in early 2011, growing to an average of 25% in Q1 2012. LED light source with high color rendering, high plasticity characteristics in outdoor architectural lighting, outdoor display screen penetration has reached 90%, and to benefit from the policy subsidies streetlights, LED outdoor lighting growth rate will also be leading the various types lighting. On the other hand, expensive, brightness and other factors is the biggest stumbling block to hinder LED home lighting market, will take about 8-10 years to reach 50% market penetration.

Estimated LED home lighting, have to wait until 2016 before entering the market maturity. Growth in case of bottlenecks in the replacement cycle is too long from the growth of the global population, the demand for electricity supply, energy-saving trend oriented analysis of the next decade, the global LED lighting market growth trends, Rio pointed out that Asia will become the largest regional growth rate of demand for LED lighting .

Japanese market, for example, the 311 earthquake led to power shortage crisis makes LED lighting market in Japan early in 2014 matured. In addition, the Central and South American countries include Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela has banned incandescent power supply shortage also enhance the demand for energy-efficient lighting products, coupled with lower requirements for LED lighting products specifications, is expected to become the various LED lighting manufacturers One of the main area of the layout.

However, the global LED lighting market in 2016 before entering the maturity, will face two-stage development bottleneck. First of all, by the price is too high, the market impact of the lack of product awareness, and other factors, 20% market penetration hard to break the bottleneck, once they have crossed the threshold will enter the fast-growing outbreak period.

Second, subject to the LED product life up to 20,000 hours, about eight to ten years to be replaced under the influence of market penetration to grow to 40%, may once again faced with long replacement cycle, so that weak demand and extolled the plight of stagnation. Long term, LED lighting products were launched in the global government to ban incandescent policy, coupled with new residential built-in LED lighting, and emerging markets such as mainland China Rural Reconstruction lighting needs, as well as urbanization pace and promote LED advertising light box build bullish factors have led to the advent of the LED lighting times already just around the corner.

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