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Semiconductor advantage of energy-efficient lighting
2012-12-07 16:18:10
First of all we need to know a basic concept, LED also known diode, is a way to convert electrical energy into visible light solid-state semiconductor devices. LED lamps then advantage of it? Mainly in the following four aspects:
led cob bulbs
First, the energy-efficient
Drive low voltage, ultra-low power consumption of (single pipe 0.05W). Luminous power conversion close to 98% of the hair on more than 60% to 80% energy saving LED lighting than traditional energy-saving lighting and flexible and convenient to install, durable and reliable.
Second, the green
Light no UV no infrared radiation, soft lighting effects, no flicker, can be frequency Kai is a real green lighting, LED lighting does not heat, no mercury and xenon and other harmful elements conducive to recycling and secondary use.
Third, long life
Seismic Performance, dustproof performance, low power consumption, the required voltage and current is small, low-calorie, light emitting less heat, no safety hazard, high safety factor, LED lighting is solid light source, epoxy encapsulated luminous body part is not easyloose. easy there is no filament to burn, heat deposition, the light fades and other shortcomings, the service life of up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours, which is 30 times that of ordinary light bulb, the equivalent of three years uninterrupted lighting.
Fourth, the range of applications
Home lighting, ceiling lamp, office lighting, residential lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets, stalls shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, cafés, West restaurants, entertainment, family Nightlight, festive atmosphere with lights solar lighting applications, urban lightingwide range of applications such as landscaping works.

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