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Talk about the characteristics of the LED lamps from incandescent lock-up
2012-12-19 14:27:49

With the ban on the sale and import of the execution of 100 and above watt incandescent October 1, means that incandescent will gradually fade out the lighting market, Edison's great invention will eventually become a thing of the past. There are two major categories of alternatives to incandescent, energy-saving fluorescent lamps and LED lamps, LED lights around the manufacturers also emerged, vigorously production of energy saving lighting.

Energy-saving fluorescent lamps and incandescent power consumption compared to incandescent bulbs quarter that save energy, the price is about ten to twenty dollars, but contain 5 milligrams of mercury in each fluorescent lamps, mercury highly toxic, environmental pollution, should be treated as dangerous goods, but in fact, 90% of the energy-saving light bulbs be treated as ordinary garbage to deal with.

New LED lamps, LED chip light-emitting light-emitting diode, is a way to electrical energy into visible light solid-state semiconductor devices, it can direct the electrical to optical degree of electricity consumption only 1,000 hours, the LED lamps not only energy, but there is no pollution problem. In addition, the semiconductor chip light emitting no filament, no glass bulb, not afraid to shock, not broken, long service life, generally up to 50000-100000 hours.

For general lighting purposes, people need more white light source, LED lamps through the Blu-ray phosphor issued yellow mixed, you can get a variety of color temperature 3500-10000 colored white, light and soft. And a color of the LED light is high, the irradiation of the LED lamp, can be real visual effect.

LED lighting products are mainly used in indoor lighting LED ceiling lamps , LED Bulb , LED panel lights , LED downlights , LED lights with commercial use and works with more the civilian or fewer.

LED lights disadvantage relative to other lighting, LED lights price is relatively high, the LED industry, the lack of uniform standards, varying product quality LED production manufacturers, luminous efficiency, color and life there uncertainty. However, with the development of LED technology, as well as the prices down, sooner or later, LED lighting will enter millions of households, the real into the civilian stage.

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