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Post Top Light--Glad to See You Again in Columbia University
2018-05-10 23:18:59

Post Top Light--Glad to See You Again in Columbia University

We Shenzhen BBier Lighting Co.,Ltd has finished the order for Columbia University recently, and now some of the post top lights are installed in the beautiful Columbia University, let’s go and have a look.

This is the gate of Columbia University

post top lights

Walking around in the University, we noticed that our post top lights are Installed for use in playgrounds, street lights, libraries, lawns, corridors, school buildings, etc. Glad to See You Again in Columbia University, Show some pictures: 

Post Top Light

Post Top Light


I'm so excited, I can't help but take a photo with her.

post top lights

After visited Columbia University, feel that our products have been trusted and favored by customers in the process of use, making us more motivated to improve, innovate and provide better services to our customers.

Post top lights are the crowning feature of any outdoor landscape or streetscape ,parks, green spaces, campuses, and gathering areas. When added to a park or walkway, post top lights illuminate landscape elements as well as improve safety by providing a uniform ambient light that increase visibility for pedestrians.

Pole top lights can enhance an overall outdoor design. Coming in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, post top lights can represent the overarching style of outdoor design.

post top lights

Using high efficiency LED lamps in traditional post top pole lights, lanterns, acorn-style lamp posts, or even in contemporary lamp post designs provides a way to maintain traditional styles while improving photometric performance.




Each of these outdoor fixtures features the traditional character with updated styling and superior photometric performance. Bbier post top lights is inspired by nature and harnesses the energy-efficient light of LEDs. Many of the post top lights have accompanying bollards and other matching lights to present a whole area uniform designed lighting solution. Whatever kind or style of luminaire you are looking for, Bbier has a decorative post top light that can illuminate and express the style of downtown spaces, parks, campuses or gathering areas.

BBier has a myriad of post or pole top lighting solutions. Featuring LED lamp sources, heavy-duty aluminum housings, optional decorative finials and optional controls, our post top lamps are the perfect exterior lighting solution. Please inquiry us if you are interested in LED area light, post top lights, LED replacement bulbs, led retrofit kits,


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