Whether it is the bedroom or the living room, the lamps in these two areas are the focus of our choice. Although the living room and the bedroom need to buy auxiliary and main light sources, the types of lamps and the strength of the light sources are all Different requirements, people cannot uphold the same purchase requirements in the selection. People should choose different lighting according to different areas. As for how to choose the right lighting for the living room and bedroom, we will be in the article today For everyone to introduce.

1.Purpose: The correct choice of lighting has an immeasurable effect on home furnishings, it will make your home warmer and more beautiful. Generally, lamps are naturally different for different purposes, so we have to choose lamps according to the purpose. Among them, chandeliers or ceiling lamps are used for house lighting, while sofas, bedsides, desks, dining tables, stairs and other local lighting places need wall lamps, floor lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, but spotlights, bucket lights, and track lights are often used for background walls. , Decoration lighting. So when you choose, you should look at which parts of your home need lighting decoration, and then choose the right lighting according to your needs.

2.Light source: When the purpose of the lamp is certain, we have to consider its light source according to the purpose. Usually, the bedroom needs a softer light source, which is conducive to our sleep and better protects our eyes. Therefore, the commonly used incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps meet the requirements. The study, children’s room, and kitchen need bright lights, and common fluorescent lights should be the most suitable. You don’t need to be very particular about the living room and balcony, you can use anything. Common lamps are quartz lamps or iodine tungsten lamps. Among them, the quartz lamp is a point light source for local lighting, but it can also be used as a diffuse light source after combination. However, the light of quartz lamps is more dazzling, and is generally not used for overall lighting.

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