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Lampadina a mais LED dimmerabile serie 6 per il 2021 | Lampade a LED di ricambio per retrofit


We have low-cost 6 series LED corn lights in 2021, a full range of LED corn bulbs are used for HID LED replacement retrofit replacement light sources and many applications, such as pole lights, street lights, safety lighting, high bay lights, designed for indoor and outdoor lights; use.

Detachable lamp holder, this led corn bulb is tapered, you can install the lamp holder on the flat base of the cone bulb as a chandelier, or install the lamp holder on the apex of the cone bulb to ensure that all light is directed Ground in different fixtures, such as pillar tops, high bays, canopies, wall lights, shop lights, street lights, poles, etc.

Double lamp holder, comes with an E39 and a medium E26 base, they can be replaced with each other, so the cone-shaped LED bulb can be used in E39 and medium E26 lamps, don’t worry about the size of the lamp holder.

Impressive energy-saving lumen output, LED corn light produces amazing lumen output at 130lm/W, designed to replace metal halide/HPS bulbs. Reduce electricity bills by 80%.

Durable, unique structural design and excellent thermal management and high-quality aluminum radiator ensure a long life performance of up to 50,000 hours. (23 years based on 6 hours/day).

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