In my opinion, the lighting design of historic buildings should adhere to two aspects: awe and caution.In the past few years, the booming demand for urban landscape lighting has led to the rapid growth of the industry.The speed is so fast that people have no time to think about the real positioning of the city, to explore the inner cultural core, and to think about the overall planning direction.In this state of rapid development, high brightness, multi-color, strong dynamic has become the new normal of large scale night lighting in many cities.However, too high brightness, too rich color, too strong dynamic, will inevitably dissolve the texture and details of architecture and even urban space, attitude lost respect, expression is superficial, describing the lack of artistic conception.This expression of lack of respect for architectural space, once used in ancient architecture, will inevitably destroy the architectural spirit and spirit, which is not only disrespectful to history, but also a waste of resources.