Isn’t that a new era of lighting you for the use of solar panels is worried whether brings to the environment pollution, can clear tell you today, don’t worry, have related company to develop the solar panels can be recycled, so when you use the lamps and lanterns of BBIERLED without scruple inner ashamed, protect the environment and enterprise development can be coordinated.

AC company (mizuo city, yamagata county), which is engaged in the development and operation of photovoltaic power generation business, and Micron Metal company (mizuo city), which is engaged in the cleaning and recycling business of parts of vacuum membrane making device, will jointly undertake the service of solar panel material recycling (material reuse) from March 2017.

At present, in northeast Japan, it is generally believed that the treatment cost of a panel is 5,000 to 6,000 yen.

The technology for separating protective glass was developed by Micron Metal.The used panels were placed in the spray device that sprayed abrasives, and the abrasives were sprayed at high pressure on the surface of the protective glass. It only took about 8 minutes for each panel to completely separate the EVA from the glass.There is no problem with the bending of the panel caused by disasters and so on. EVA will not be hurt at all and the glass will be stripped off.

This technology is characterized by the use of a variety of abrasives, depending on the choice of abrasives, can be used together as a cement material without separating the glass and abrasives.The EVA is sandwiched between the battery unit (the generating element) and the electrode, which contains a lot of silver, which could be sold to recyclers with refining technology, among other things.


In April 2016, the ministry of environment issued the “guidance on photovoltaic power generation equipment recycling and utilization” on the treatment methods of photovoltaic power generation equipment.For the owners, emission operators and removal operators of photovoltaic power generation equipment, relevant legal systems and precautions were proposed to promote recycling.”If glass and EVA can be separated, useful metals can be recovered,” the guidance states.

In addition, in September 2015, NEDO (comprehensive development agency of new energy industry technology) entrusted the demonstration project of photovoltaic power generation equipment recovery technology to private enterprises.The project USES heated cutting tools to separate the glass and EVA.In this way, there is a larger scale of the device, the initial investment will rise.


Using the method developed by Micron Metal, “when there is a processing capacity of about 2,000 pieces per month, the initial investment is only about 10 million yen, which significantly reduces the cost compared with the previous method that requires tens of millions of yen of equipment investment”.