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Full spectrum plant growth lights, how should you choose?

Growing indoor plants has many benefits: space decoration, absorbing harmful substances, releasing oxygen, making indoor air fresher; the transpiration of plants can increase indoor humidity and improve the dry indoor environment in autumn and winter. It can be said to be a natural humidifier. However, due to the lack of sunlight, growing plants indoors is […]

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Can ordinary LED lights be used to supplement light for plants?

NO! Ordinary LED lights can only be used for lighting, and the effect of making plant lights is very bad. The light used for plant supplementary light needs to be specially set for its spectrum. The growth and development of plants mainly need red light and blue light, and the ratio of red and blue […]

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How to Choose the Best Led Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants?

Indoor gardening has in no way been less complicated. Led plant grow light for indoor plants permit you to domesticate a huge sort of plants at any weather at any time of year. These led plant grow light is in particular designed to substitute herbal sunlight, stimulating photosynthesis and offering the right colour spectrum in which the plant can grow and flourish.

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